Pregnancy can bring a lot of worries and anxiety. Especially in an unplanned pregnancy. The James Isaac House is a pregnancy resource center that will walk with you though your pregnancy. We have the resources you need.

Earn While You Learn


First you set an appointment to come to our center for an intake with one of our caring Advocates. Second you choose what videos you would like to watch that are relevant to your current needs or circumstances. Third, watch the videos and earn coupons, which can then be redeemed for items that you choose to redeem them for. In our “Earn while you Learn” program you can earn items such as:

  • Cribs Carseats
  • Strollers
  • Jumpers / baby swings
  • Household furniture
  • Household appliances
  • And so much more

Advocate Mentorship

Sometimes you just need to have someone that can listen to you and be there for you. Our advocate mentorship program offers a caring advocate mentor who is committed to walking with you through lives circumstances. You can expect these sessions to last about one hour. Every time you come in you will earn coupons as well that can be redeemed for material items that you may need.