Anna Zimmerman
Director of Client Services

Many years ago when I was in my mid 20's I got caught in a rip tide at the beach. There was a good possibility I wouldn't make it back to shore. I told God if He would rescue me I would serve Him the rest of my days. He has been with me through many adventures. Several years later I graduated from nursing school. Among other things, I have worked in pediatrics at a university hospital, fostered children with medical needs in my home, and worked in rural clinics in Honduras and El Salvador. My present adventure is serving the volunteers and clients at The James Isaac House as director of client services. God has been gracious to me through the good times and the hard times. Because of Jesus I look forward to the greatest adventure yet...moving to my forever home where there is no night, the streets are made of gold, I can eat from a tree that bears 12 kinds of fruit each month, and nothing sad ever happens!!

65 Spring Ave. Unit B

Petersburg, WV 26847
(304) 257-2402