Do you find parenting to be challenging?

If you find parenting to be challenging, rest assured that you're not alone. In fact, 73% of parents share similar sentiments. We understand the difficulties you may face, and that's why we're here to assist you. Join our complimentary parenting classes, where you'll not only gain valuable knowledge and tools to enhance your parenting skills but also receive the blessings of support and care from our dedicated Align team. We firmly believe in the power of community, and by becoming part of our community, we will provide the necessary support, encouragement, and resources to help you navigate this rewarding yet demanding journey of parenting.

What Our Parenting Classes Offer

Our parenting classes provide a comprehensive range of education and tools to support you in your parenting journey. You'll acquire practical strategies and concepts that can be implemented in real-life situations, helping you effectively manage the areas of parenting that may currently feel challenging or overwhelming. The classes are conducted in person, fostering a sense of relational connection with someone who truly understands the joys and struggles of parenthood. Here are some additional takeaways and examples of sessions covered in our classes:


  1. Healthy Discipline: Learn effective and nurturing discipline techniques that promote positive behavior and encourage your child's growth and development.
  2. Boundary Setting: Discover strategies for establishing clear boundaries and guidelines that create a safe and structured environment for your child.
  3. Creating Honesty and Motivation: Explore ways to foster open and honest communication with your child, while also cultivating motivation and a sense of responsibility.
  4. Connecting with Your Child: Gain insights into building and nurturing a strong emotional connection with your child. Learn techniques for fostering a loving and supportive relationship that strengthens the parent-child bond.

Our parenting classes are designed to empower you with practical tools and knowledge, helping you navigate the complexities of parenthood with confidence and clarity. By attending these sessions, you'll gain valuable skills to create a nurturing and fulfilling environment for both you and your child.


Earn Free Baby Supplies

The James Isaac House Baby Boutiques are fully stocked with just about anything you may need to meet the material needs of your child. The Boutique is stocked with clothing, diapers, wipes, hygiene items, formula, strollers, pack n plays, blankets, and so much more.